Relax: Snooki only made about $9,180 an hour to speak at Rutgers

Jersey Shore cast member Nicole Polizzi’s managers have leapt to her defense about her $32,000 payday for speaking at Rutgers last week, which has resulted in criticism directed at both the university and Snooki, who told a local news station to back off criticism of her.

But as it turns out, she wasn’t paid an obscene amount at all, at least according to her mangers. “The $32,000 covered both shows, the host, all the travel and all the expenses. She roughly earned around $24,000 or $25,000,” her manager, Dan Mackey, told People. That money came from student activity fees, which, in fairness, typically pay for entertainment programming at colleges and universities, and that can range from a band to a reality show cast member.

In any case, let’s take the average of what Snooki’s manager said her take-home pay was: $24,500. Divide that by 160 minutes (two 80-minute shows), and we get about $153 a minute–cheap!

That’s approximately $9,180 an hour, which I’m pretty sure is close to minimum wage.

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