God will decide whether Jennifer Lopez returns to American Idol or not

God is busy on reality shows lately. Besides all of his work to keep Matt on Survivor Redemption Island against Matt’s will, God is now deciding whether Jennifer Lopez will return to American Idol for its 11th season next year. That’s because, unlike Steven Tyler, she is only signed for one year, and she’s now shopping a new singing competition series.

J Lo may move on to another reality series: Entertainment Weekly reported that American Idol creator Simon Fuller is working with her “to shop a new project to broadcast networks. The series would have Lopez and her husband Marc Antony touring Latin America and searching for the best undiscovered musical talent. The working title: Que Viva.” The magazine cited unspecified “sources” who say that they “expect Lopez will sign up for another round given how much the Fox hit has raised her profile.”

In an E! News interview with Ryan Seacrest (ah, journalism circa 2011), J Lo said she is considering a return (“Of course, of course.”) but added,”Here’s what’s the great thing about this moment for me. There’s tons of possibilities, and I’m open to whatever God has in store for me down the line. And whatever it is, I’m going to do my best.”

So in other words, if God decides she should quit American Idol for a new series, that’s what will happen. It’d be nice if God was on Twitter so we could keep up with all of his reality TV-related decisions.

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