Top Chef has “standard” sexual harassment education to deal with gender gap effects

Top Chef educates its contestants about sexual harassment to ensure that the men and women living and working in the same space treat each other well, according to a fascinating Yahoo! Shine report that examines the show’s gender gap.

The site reports that the “‘boys club’ in the house started to fray some of the female contestants’ nerves” so “producers organized a special sexual harassment education discussion to keep the peace. However, the series’ press rep denied that was the reason, calling it ‘standard legal protocol for every reality show across the network.'”

Also of interest: Tiffani Faison says that Jennifer Carroll wasn’t eliminated because of her food, but because of her attitude. “They keep saying she was sent home for her dish. That’s B.S. She was sent home for her behavior,” Tiffani said, noting that “Women can only go so hard without getting labeled a ‘bitch’ but men can push to the end of the universe.” Elsewhere in the piece, she noted that “Tom’s been incredibly supportive of women chefs on the show.”

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