Andy Cohen insists Bravo is “done” with Housewives spin-offs now

There are now seven different versions of The Real Housewives franchise; the latest, Miami, recently debuted its first season and wasn’t even really supposed to be part of the franchise, but was a series that got rebranded. I’ve been brainstorming about a post that basically would say Bravo needs to stop this spin-off insanity or just rename their network Housewives Central. But then came miraculous news: Their spokesperson/host/executive/tweeter Andy Cohen says they will stop and won’t create any more spin-offs.

“I really feel like we’re done,” he told OK!. Then he confirmed that Miami would be the last spin-off by saying, “Yeah.”

So there won’t be more seasons to dilute their once-great franchise. Miami was like dumping a whole bunch of ice into a glass that’s almost empty and pretending it’s still potent and tasty. I’m sure some people watch every season of every version, but for me it’s been too much: Too many people, too many similarities, too few breaks to grow to appreciate that it’s missing (like Kell on Earth: It’s been gone so long now I really want that show back).

Not producing additional spin-offs is a start, but of course, the existing seven will probably continue to air multiple seasons until long after the show fades into irrelevance.

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