The Situation bombs, Marlee Matlin kills roasting Donald Trump

Donald Trump was roasted on Comedy Central last night, and if you’re a fan of highly offensive, inappropriate humor, it was awesome. Among the roasters was current Celebrity Apprentice cast member Marlee Matlin, who was hilarious, and Jersey Shore cast member Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who bombed so bad he had to be rescued by Jeff Ross to stop the booing. (The roast re-airs late tonight and Friday at 10, among other times, if you missed it.)

As usual, the majority of the roast is actually about making jokes at the other roasters’ expense, and The Situation was the perfect target. To give you an idea of the level of humor, Lisa Lampanelli said she went to buy The Situation’s book on Amazon, and the site said, “customers who bought this book also bought rope and a stool.”

The Situation’s material sucked, but he made it much, much worse with awkward delivery and horrible timing. “You gotta hit the gym, pork chop,” he told Donald Trump. “Who the fuck decorated your house, Flavor Flav’s dentist?”

Marlee Matlin had some great material, which she both signed and spoke, but the best line was at The Situation’s expense: “Like The Situation, I, too, have never heard the sound of laughter.”

After the roast, Lisa Lampanelli told paparazzi that while she didn’t like the booing (“I’m mad at that”), she said that he told the other roasters afterwards that he thought he did well. “I should go through life that delusional. I really wish I loved myself that much,” she said.

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