ACN executives react to Jose Canseco’s idea: Celebrity Apprentice moment of the week

If you’re not watching The Celebrity Apprentice, I feel sorry for you. It just keeps getting better, and next week’s fight between Gary Busey and Meat Loaf makes it seem like that trend will continue.

This week’s episode gave me way too many possibilities for moment of the week, from Gary Busey’s penis (“That’s what my fiance calls my apparatus. Big Wednesday.”) to the strange but awesome alliance of Marlee Matlin, NeNe Leakes, and Star Jones, never mind NeNe’s ability as project manager and director. “You’re one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with,” Marlee Matlin, Oscar winner, told NeNe, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

And let’s not forget the videos. The men’s team created a video ad that had a same-sex relationship as its punchline, which was fine but not as edgy as anyone claimed. Jose Canseco said it “pushed the envelope to the extreme”; apparently, he never saw Clint Black masturbating with laundry detergent. And their video wasn’t at all homophobic unlike some real advertisements, so it was good overall. Of course, there was some discomfort–John Rich kept arguing for a “more traditional approach”–but it was mostly embraced, and the fear of gay content was pretty much confined to off-camera people. Jose Canseco, who eagerly embraced the opportunity to play a gay man in the video (“why not?) said, “All my friends are gonna make fun of me, and if my father sees this, he’s going to basically kill me.” He repeated the part about his dad in the boardroom, which is just sad. But project manager Lil Jon summed it up best: “If [the representatives of the company] don’t like this video, they are some square-ass motherfuckers,” he said.

But here’s the moment I picked, and it stars Jose Canseco and two executives from ACN, whose facial expressions basically say, “Holy shit, what did we get ourselves into, and is it too late to back out now?”

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