Ashley Hebert is the next Bachelorette

Third-place Bachelor contestant and26-year-old dentistry student Ashley Hebert has been selected as the star of The Bachelorette 7. ABC let Jimmy Kimmel announce that and interview her last night.

But it’s the press release that’s truly entertaining. Whoever wrote this deserves some kind of award, though I’m not sure what kind. Here’s how it describes her break-up with Brad Womack:

“It seemed the couple wanted different things out of life. Ashley was frustrated she couldn’t communicate her feelings to Brad, and he gallantly decided to let her go before the rose ceremony, knowing he would not offer her a rose. Ashley was surprised and heartbroken that her perfect fairytale came to an abrupt end. It would take her time to find the silver lining to this bad situation and move forward.”

“Gallantly”? “Her perfect fairytale?” But oh, there’s more! Her inability to say I love you to someone she met on a TV show is not an obstacle, because like Brad before her, she is reformed!

“That time has come and now Hebert, stronger and more confident than ever, is prepared to find a balance between her career and personal life and find the love of her life. She fell in love once on ‘The Bachelor,’ so she truly believes that it will happen again — and this time she will be ready and open to express her feelings to the right guy.”

And whoever he is should know that Ashley’s idea of the “most romantic date” is pretty wild and crazy: It “would consist of a night staying in with her guy, a bottle of wine, music and a roaring fireplace.” I’m sure the producers will scramble to make that one happen when production begins.

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