Reality Steve changes Bachelor ending spoiler, switching who Brad picks

The Bachelor spoiler Steve Carbone admitted earlier this week that “my sources have been wrong about the ending of the show,” though he notes that otherwise, “this season, I’ve been pitching a perfect game.”

Stop reading now if you don’t want to know, but Steve has revised his December predictions about how the show ends and now says that “Brad is engaged to Emily,” although he earlier said Brad selected Chantal, which meant Emily was perfectly set up to be the next Bachelorette star.

Steve also got the most recent Bachelorette wrong, too, and when he predicted the end of Brad Womack’s season, insisted, “technically I won’t be vindicated until March 14th when it airs, but I’m not the least bit worried. I know this season I’m right.” He cited Brad’s Thanksgiving holiday, where Brad was reportedly seen with Chantal.

In his new piece, Steve apologizes and addresses the two bad ending spoilers, and writes that his sources, who he calls “acquaintances of mine,” “were given bad information, which has been the case now in back-to-back seasons regarding the ending of the show.” Whether bad information was planted with them is “Impossible to know and ever prove. They say they weren’t, so I gotta believe them.” He adds, “My sources are strong. They just kinda suck right now when it comes to the ending.”

It seems to me that ABC and/or the show’s producers are purposefully screwing with him, planting bad information to either discredit him or to find out who’s leaking information. An actual on-set source knows what happened, and thus either chooses to lie (which presumably “acquaintances” wouldn’t do) or gives accurate info. Thus, I think it’s safe to assume that his sources are people connected somehow to low-level producers or staffers, and thus get second-hand information. There’s absolutely no reason they’d get bad low-level information unless it was purposefully planted. Will that continue, or will there be another sort of ending?

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