Brad, Emily still together, but if they split, ABC could give Brad a third season, report says

After the troubling Bachelor reunion, on which Brad Womack and Emily Maynard revealed that they’d broken up and were struggling with their relationship, and a tabloid report that says the couple broke up, Brad said that they are still together. But if they do break up, we might see Brad again, if a report is to be believed.

Brad Womack has taken to his new Twitter account to assure the world that television hasn’t gotten in the way of love yet: “Em and I are better than ever. In fact maybe we should take editor of OK mag out for a drink. I’m buying,” he wrote. That’s a reference to an OK! Magazine cover story that insists Brad and Emily “are pretending they’re together for the sake of The Bachelor brand; in real life, a staffer from the show has revealed exclusively to OK! that Emily has broken up with Brad — for good.”

That’s a lot more plausible than Rob Shuter’s PopEater report citing “ABC insiders” that “internal discussions have already taken place wondering if asking Brad to come back for a third run at ‘The Bachelor’ would result in ratings gold.”

One such anonymous and unspecified “insider” said “it’s not totally out of the question that Brad could return again if he and Emily stop trying to make this relationship work. If Brad hadn’t found love the second time there is no way he would ever be invited back on the show. But after America saw him try so hard to make his relationship work with Emily, they like him again. Everyone thinks Emily tricked him — they feel sorry for him.”

I’m not sure which part of that is more disturbing: the predictable blame-the-woman bullshit, or the suggestion ABC would really subject viewers to another Brad season. Then again, they did choose a boring Bachelorette, so maybe they’re shifting from batshit crazy to boring.

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