Will Survivor return to Samoa for seasons 23 and 24?

Update: The show’s return to Samoa was confirmed during the Redemption Island finale, and its name is Survivor South Pacific (learn more).

A report suggests that Survivor might return to the Samoa for its 23rd and 24th seasons, even though the nation just hosted seasons 19 and 20, Survivor Samoa and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. There have been many potential locations: A year ago, the Philippines was set to host 23 and 24, but the show recently negotiated with Tonga to have the next two seasons film there. After that fell through, Fiji was reported to be in the running.

Jeff Probst confirmed that the location has now been locked in, but since then, there have been no reports from Fiji or elsewhere about the production coming there. However, on Survivor Skills, Danieu Bleau said the show would return to Samoa. There are no other details besides a production start date of May 30.

I’m most skeptical about this report because Aggie Grey’s, the hotel that hosted the crew is accepting reservations throughout the summer, when the show would be filming, with the exception of the week right before the start date. In 2009, the production took over the entire hotel as its base camp, and once it was there, reservations weren’t available. Perhaps they have found another location to accommodate several hundred people and all of the space the production needs, but that seems unlikely considering how well Aggie’s worked. Or, perhaps the hotel’s web site has not been updated, intentionally or accidentally; the hotel did cancel hundreds of reservations the last time the show took over.

The country is obviously friendly to the production, and it was devastated by a tsunami just after production ended (the resort used for Ponderosa was destroyed), so the production’s return would probably help its economy and visibility post-tsunami. A resort was being developed on the tribe beach locations and was supposed to open this year, but there’s been no word of that actually happening.

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