Richard Hatch appeals but is going to prison, says he is in “full compliance” and “very sad”

Survivor winner and Celebrity Apprentice cast member Richard Hatch is appealing a judges’ decision to send him back to jail as of today, and insists this is “flagrantly injust” because he has been in “full compliance” with the law and court’s requests. He also asked to delay his return to prison, the judge just decided Hatch has to surrender today.

In a status update, he says this is “flagrantly injust” in part because “both the prosecutor and judge repeatedly referred to my outspokenness and pursuit of exoneration as justification for prison time.”

In a detailed Facebook posting that followed, Richard outlined his prosecution, explaining from the beginning up until now. If true, his account certainly makes him seem persecuted and powerless to do anything about it. In it, he writes,

“Judge Smith (apparently overwhelmed with other case work) appeared not to have researched the case nor understood the facts and accepted prosecutors’ lies sentencing me to 9 months in prison while citing example after example of my comments (free speech) in pursuit of exoneration and in complete disregard of my FULL compliance. I am VERY SAD.”

Rich has previously made similar arguments that he will pay what he owes when the IRS determines what he owes. His new note does not, however, address some of his lawyer’s ridiculous claims five years ago that Richard caught Survivor contestants cheating and promised him they’d pay his taxes if he won if he didn’t say anything.

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