Casey Abrams hospitalized again; wild card who got no votes last week goes home

Casey Abrams missed the American Idol 10 results show last night because he was hospitalized again, but he received enough voted to remain in the competition. Meanwhile, Ashton Jones was the first person voted out; she was one of the judges’ wild card picks last week, meaning she didn’t get enough votes to make the finals, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she didn’t get any votes (although Stefano and Naima, the other two wild cards, were not in the bottom three).

At the start of the show, Ryan Seacrest announced that Casey was in the hospital again. Later, Casey wrote on Twitter, “I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better.” Two weeks ago, he was hospitalized for “severe stomach pains,” and also received a blood transfusion.

The first results show was a mix of filler (an ad for Red Riding Hood disguised as a trip to the movies) and awkward results. I’ve liked Seacrest’s efficiency so far this season, telling people they’re either safe or in danger without being cruel, but last night he was back in dick mode (telling three people “you are all safe,” and as they did a happy dance, he said, “except… except…” and told Karen she was up for elimination. He also managed to kill the tension by filling out the bottom three with the next group, leaving everyone on the couches safe and bewildered because they didn’t know what was going on.

And later, interviewing Adam Lambert, who performed, Seacrest made everything about himself, as usual, telling Adam, “You gave me…” a version of his song to play on his radio show, on which he can talk about all the celebrity friends he has but gets to talk to only when they have something to promote. He’s such a twit.

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