Simon Cowell will judge X Factor, but other judges haven’t been selected, he says

Simon Cowell confirmed that he will be one of the judges on Fox’s US version of The X Factor, but said that the other judges won’t be announced for “three to four weeks,” or perhaps longer. Simon told reporters “I’m not going to say today” because “we honestly haven’t made out mind up yet.” There have been breathless reports recently that UK judge Cheryl Cole will join the show, and the perpetual rumor that Paula Abdul will reunite with Simon in the fall.

Talking to reporters, Simon also answered a lot of basic questions about the show’s structure that would have easily been answered by watching an episode of the UK version, scanning its Wikipedia entry, or just actually reading the press release–challenging things for working journalists.

Despite a warning from Fox publicists, someone did sneak in a question about American Idol, and Simon said, “I haven’t seen a full episode yet” but “it all seems to be going well.” Interestingly, he added, “What I was more concerned about was the ratings falling off a cliff, meaning that that whole genre was over.” He cited Dancing with the Stars and America’s Got Talent, and said, “People, thank god, still like these shows, and that gives me more confidence when launch our one.”

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