Fabio discusses his booger in a hilarious blog post, video; get beef tongue song as a ringtone

If you thought it was hilarious watching Top Chef All-Stars contestant Fabio Viviani pronounce “burger” last night (“booger,” he said sometimes; “boo-grr” and “bour-ger” other times), just wait until you read and watch his comments on the episode.

Meanwhile, another comedic high point of the episode was the winning chefs’ song about beef tongue, which Jimmy Fallon said would be a great ringtone. He asked and Bravo delivered: just text BEEFTONGUE to 27286. It’s free, except for your text and data rates.

As to Fabio, in a video directed to his followers, he calls Jimmy Fallon “Jimmy Kimmel” and says “I don’t deserve all this love” while he shows us how his cell phone is blowing up with comments after the episode aired.

Fabio says he’s about to recap the episode, which is now posted on his blog, and it’s as funny as his blog post. It’s full of non-sequiturs like why he doesn’t like Ina Garten and comments like this one:

“Think about it, and im asking this to all the boys out there, if you HAVE TO get run over by a car, would you prefer a Good Looking smart woman drive or a Stupid Ugly Ass guy ?? See my point ?? At least tonight ill get runned Over by a nice person….”

As to his food, Fabio writes:

“I made a cheese sauce that noone ever seen before, probably cause is crap ?? Maybe, i didnt mind it, and Beside Jimmy Fallon Dad noone like my Booger, Burgers, Hamburger….. or whatever you want to call it i dont care it did taste good to me, little dry ?? Maybe….. im not Arguing with that, for my Grandpa my Grandma was fine…..if you know what i mean J LMAO !!!!


I think an Average Burger should beat a Tortilla soup that was meant to be a Chicken Dumpling and Dale Cheesesteak was NOT EDIBLE because of the salt…… you ask me….wrong decision, but hey, im ONLY a contestant and i guess in the world of TV was my time to go home i guess.

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