New York Housewives pushed back because it was boring; will Camille Grammer show up?

The Real Housewives of New York City has been pushed back, and a report says it was because the cast is too boring, which may lead Bravo to bring Beverly Hills cast member Camille Grammer in for a guest appearance and cause the series to stray even further from reality than it currently is.

Yesterday, Andy Cohen e.mailed the cast members to alert them that their season was being bumped in exchange for the new Miami version, and said, “We decided yesterday that our best bet was to give ourselves a little breathing room. I would rather get the show right than rush it to air.”

But Page Six reports that “the New York show didn’t have enough drama to satisfy producers, including new executive producer Omid Kahangi,” so “one option to up the local drama might be to bring Beverly Hills housewife Camille Grammer to New York, the location of her divorce drama with Kelsey Grammer, who is soon to marry girlfriend Kayte Walsh. A source said Grammer hasn’t been approached by New York producers, but that Zarin has invited her to hang out with the Housewives.”

Andy Cohen sort of, kind of denied that report, saying in a statement, “No conspiracy here, folks. We have an embarrassment of riches with Miami and New York, and I assure you that ‘the Real Housewives of NYC’ will be well worth the wait.”

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