Camille Grammer quit Real Housewives during filming but returned due to “obligation”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer says she quit the production for a few weeks but returned out of obligation, presumably contractual, to finish the show–and because her then-husband Kelsey Grammer, not producers or Bravo, said she had to return. She also says she’s in talks to return for a second season, despite a report that said she was definitely out, and that she will not appear on the New York City version, despite a report that said she’d appear.

Camille told, “I wish I could have, but I had an obligation to finish the show. I don’t know if I can say this, but I quit at one point. I did. Because it was too much. I didn’t know how much I could expose at the time. I was holding a lot back because I had known for a while that things were not right between my husband and I. So it’s very difficult filming a reality show while you’re going through this process, and hurt, and devastation.”

She continued, “I quit for, you know, a couple of weeks. And actually Kelsey called me and said, ‘You have an obligation to do the show. You have to finish the show.’ So I said, okay. He also asked me to come to the Tonys. … And he said, ‘Listen, you have an obligation to finish out the show. You have to come.’ He also mentioned that maybe we could talk things through and work it out. That gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe we could spark some romance that weekend. But at that point, he was already gone.”

As to her future on the show, which concluded Jan. 20 but has aired two reunion episodes, a lost footage episode, and a expanded dinner party episode last night, Camille said, “I don’t know. The producers and I have been talking about that in the last week or so.” But she will not be on the New York City version: “I can definitely say that’s not happening.”

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