Sprint sponsoring Survivor debut, ad breaks will include Survivor contestant profiles

Survivor Redemption Island‘s debut episode next week will only have one sponsor, Sprint, a first for the series that will allow the show to have more content, hopefully not of Sprint phones. In addition, the ad breaks will only feature 30-second Sprint commercials and minute-long segments about former contestants.

CBS said in a press release that “Sprint’s sponsorship will allow for additional minutes of show content in the premiere episode,” and that “each of the four commercial breaks in the premiere episode will feature a ‘Survivor: Redemption Island ‘What If? Moment’ Presented by Sprint,’ a series of 60-second vignettes spotlighting a popular former Survivor’s tactical game. The vignette will recap the alliances they made and betrayed, their eventual elimination and how their strategy might have been altered if they knew they had a second chance at redemption.”

Those segments, CBS said, will be narrated by Jeff Probst and selected by Jeff and executive producer David Burris, along with creator Mark Burnett, and they made their decision as to who would be selected “based on viewer popularity and the strategic way they played the game.”

Let’s hope that doesn’t mean three segments about Russell Hantz played in each of his three seasons.

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