MTV’s Abram Boise arrested, wrote his name in feces on jail cell wall

Road Rules cast member and MTV Challenge veteran Abram Boise was arrested for peeing on a car, and in his jail cell, defecated and smeared his own feces on the cell’s walls. He was, in case you didn’t already guess, drunk.

The Worcester Telegram and Gazette reports that he “was arrested and charged with urinating in public” yesterday and “placed in protective custody because he was ‘extremely intoxicated,'” according to police. He “was also charged later in the morning with two counts of defacing property. He urinated in one cell and, after being moved to a second cell, defecated in his hand and smeared feces on the cell door and walls.”

Instead of feeling shame about this, Abram bragged about it on Twitter, writing, “just gout of jail…Loved it…I yelled and kicked their door for hours…Didn’t back down…Tried to stuff poop in his face:)”

He also wrote, “Cops were assholes tried to mace me in my cell.So I shit in my hand& thew it at him :) fuck the police”

However, he later deleted both tweets.

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