Roseanne Barr will farm macadamia nuts in Hawaii on a new reality show

Roseanne Barr will run a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii for a new Lifetime reality series. This is the weirdest reality show description since we heard that Mike Tyson would race pigeons for an Animal Planet series, although it looks like it will be great.

Roseanne’s series “will look at Barr’s recent newfound life managing a fully-functional 40-acre macadamia and live stock farm on Hawaii’s Big Island alongside her long-time writer-musician boyfriend Johnny Argent and son Jake,” according to Lifetime, which calls this “a funny, outrageous and unfiltered look at the adventures of one of television’s greatest stars transitioning into a new life that is a far cry from Los Angeles.”

A total of 16 half-hour episodes have been ordered. The series, which is currently untitled, is produced by 3 Ball Productions (which also produces The Biggest Loser, among other series), and will debut later this year.

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