American Idol’s top 40 spoiled, top 20 may be revealed live

If you want to add an extra layer of excitement to watching American Idol 10, or just know when you should care about someone, the top-40 semi-finalists have been identified, so you can follow along to see who makes it to Hollywood and then past that stage. However, the judges won’t select the show’s top 20 until later this month, perhaps even live, so it’s impossible to be spoiled past that level right now.

As before, Joe’s Place has compiled a list of the top 40 from her sources, making her the Reality Steve of American Idol. That includes links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, if they have them, plus video of their auditions if they’ve been featured on TV. There’s also a big list of other people who made it through to Hollywood. Joe’s Place has also posted a list of those who make it to Hollywood from the San Francisco auditions, which air this week, so you can pick out those people.

She reports that it is a list of 40 because “judges will be picking their top 20 in the middle to end of February, within a few days of when it is announced on TV. There is also a slight chance that they will announce the top 20 live.”

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