Joey Kovar got $20K to strip for Playgirl, which offered Rob Kardashian $45K ($60K to get hard)

The Real World Hollywood and Celebrity Rehab cast member Joey Kovar will get naked and show his penis in Playgirl for $20,000, apparently in part because he resembles Jersey Shore cast members. He’ll be in the March issue. Meanwhile, Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rob Kardashian, the younger brother of Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian, has been offered $45,000 by the magazine to pose naked–or $60,000 if he poses with an erection.

Joey, who went to rehab during his season and then as part of the VH1 show, is “looking forward” to the shoot because “I take a lot of pride in how hard I work on my body … The Situation ain’t got nothin’ on me,” he told TMZ.

Playgirl spokesperson Daniel Nardicio said “Joey exemplifies the sort of hot ‘Jersey Shore’ type that people are really into right now.” That’s both hilarious and sad that the magazine has to go to a former reality star to get both headlines and a Jersey Shore-like body in its pages.

Nardicio told E! News that they want Rob to strip because he “is a perfect example of the classic Playgirl model, and we’d be proud to have him join the ranks of other quasi celebs to strip for Playgirl.”

While the offer comes with a bonus of $15,000 to pose with an erect penis (“If he can get wood, I’ll add another 15 thou!”), Nardicio isn’t actually happy with Rob’s body and wants to turn him into a clone of every other overly gym-muscled person to appear in the magazine: “I’d bring him to NYC to work with my trainer for a few weeks though, as he looks like he could use a few weeks prep before the shoot,” he said.

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