What happened to Shay Sorrells’ Biggest Loser Subway marathon challenge?

The Biggest Loser season eight contestant Shay Sorrells appeared on the finale of the ninth season to cash in on an offer from Subway to earn money for her ongoing weight loss and for running a marathon, but she was absent from the 10th season’s finale, and it doesn’t look like we’ll learn what happened with her efforts at the end of season 11, either.

At the end of season eight, Subway bribed Shay to lose more weight, offering her $1,000 for each pound she lost. She lost 52 pounds, as the show revealed at the end of season nine, and Subway then offered her the chance to train for a marathon with Jared, their mascot.

But at the end of season 10 in December, Shay wasn’t there, and there was no word of her marathon. She posts to Twitter frequently, and in November, wrote about Jared running a marathon, but didn’t mention herself. However, she posted on Facebook in December, starting with this:

“I already did 2 finales! Cant keep showing up hogging the scale! Lol! Running my marathon in May 2011 and will tell you all how i do! Stay posted! Thanks for all the support!”

“I am getting a TON of emails, comments and posts about My progress and Finale. SO to clear it all up: I am still running a marathon with SUBWAY , on May 1st, 2011. At that time they will double my money from the first challenge! As far as I know no more finale for me but you can follow me here. Thanks for all the concern and Support!”

I sent an e.mail message to Shay to follow up, but didn’t receive a response. An NBC publicist told me, “I believe she still plans to do that this year for Subway, and as of now, we have no plans to include it in the show.”

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