Bachelor’s Fang Girl explains why she walked off the set

Fang Girl, aka Madison Garton, walked off the set of The Bachelor on Monday’s episode, essentially quitting, and she said that was because she didn’t have a connection with Brad and was surprised by the “strategizing” that went on.

“It blows my mind. It seems like some girls are really in it to win it. Winning ‘The Bachelor,’ you know,” she told reporters on a call last week, according to the L.A. Times. Girls are sort of strategizing and all of that. When you pull yourself back from it, you’re like, ‘Hey, what am I doing? I don’t even know this guy!'”

As to her relationship with Brad, she said Emily’s story moved her and Madison didn’t want Brad to eliminate Emily. “It just felt wrong to me. I left when I felt I needed to,” she said.

Madison also talked about why she wore the fake vampire teeth that earned her a nickname: “I’ve always had, yeah, the whole vampire thing, sort of into the darker side of things. Loved the mystery and sexiness of the whole idea.”

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