ABC exec “hope[s]” for a bachelor of color, says Bachelor is “deeply romantic”

ABC’s relatively new president faced TV critics this morning, and when he was asked about The Bachelor, praised the show for being “romantic” and said that he hopes it will some day feature a non-white star.

Paul Lee told critics, “I would give a huge amount of credit to our executives, to Mike Fleiss. There is a brand that has been reinvigorated not once, but twice and three times. This particular season is going to be delicious and funny and fascinating and sexy in all of the right ways.” He added that “I would personally hold up The Bachelor — and I take none of the credit for this because this precedes me — as an example of how you can take a really good idea and own it and, by the way, still fits into the deeply romantic brand that is ABC and still is a deeply relevant show. That yearning to find love is still there, but they still are finding twists and turns that are unexpected. And this season is going to be no exception.”

I think it’d be a better show if it stopped trying to be “deeply romantic” and just embraced the fact that it’s a joke, but who am I to judge the show’s second-lowest debut ratings ever?

Meanwhile, asked by Access Hollywood if the show will ever feature a non-white bachelor, Lee said, “I would hope so, yes.”

How about just “yes”? ABC’s other shows certainly have diverse casts, so why can’t The Bachelor?

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