Amazing Race teams and their “unfinished business” (i.e. they didn’t win) announced

The teams for The Amazing Race Unfinished Business have been announced, and unsurprisingly, they do not include many of the teams who were in the preview, such as Brook and Claire. However, beside calling Kynt “Kent” (did he change his name?), the announcement does elaborate on the name for this twist by explaining what each team’s “unfinished business” is, which is simply the reason they were eliminated, which means that every single team who’s ever been on the race has unfinished business, but whatever.

Here are the teams, who were previously revealed by fans following the race’s progress, and CBS’ description of their “unfinished business,” which is often hilarious in its attempt to make something special out of nothing special:

  • Gary and Mallory (17): “Gary and Mallory were unable to avoid elimination after getting lost in Oman for over nine hours.”
  • Kisha and Jen (14): “LaKisha and Jennifer missed out on a spot in the final three by minutes after stopping to use the restroom in China.”
  • Jet and Cord (16): “Jet and Cord fell behind during the final leg and couldn’t recover, which ultimately led to a 2nd place finish to winners Dan and Jordan.”
  • Amanda and Kris (14): “Amanda and Kris were unexpectedly u-turned in Siberia by Margie and Luke and were eliminated from the Race.”
  • Jaime and Cara (14): “During the final leg, Jaime and Cara fell victim to a bad taxi driver in Hawaii and lost to Tammy and Victor.”
  • Flight Time and Big Easy (15): “The Globetrotters incurred a four hour penalty in Prague after failing to complete a Roadblock, which cost them a spot in the final three.”
  • Ron and Christina (12): “After struggling during their final leg in Alaska, Ron and Christina finished in 2nd place to TK and Rachel.”
  • Kynt and Vyxsin (12): “Kent and Vyxsin self-destructed in Italy and were unable to fight back to stay in the game.”
  • Zev and Justin (15): “Zev and Justin finished in 1st place during their Cambodia leg, but quickly discovered that they had lost their passport and would not be able to continue in the Race.”
  • Margie and Luke (14): “Margie and Luke entered the final challenge with a substantial lead, but quickly fell behind and finished in 3rd place.”
  • Mel and Mike (14): “Mike and Mel found themselves lost in Thailand courtesy of a bad taxi driver and were eliminated from the Race.”

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