Jeff Probst previews Survivor Redemption Island cast, makes them seem more interesting

CBS has posted a video of Jeff Probst evaluating the Survivor Redemption Island cast. Because it seems like this was filmed before the first Tribal Council, it’s his actual pre-game assessment of their potential rather than mid-season pretend assessment of their potential, which is interesting. It also manages to make the cast seem more interesting than they did when it was announced, and so many of them seemed like copies of previous seasons’ contestants.

Jeff’s analysis, which is interspersed with footage of the contestants goofing off around the pool at what I presume is Ponderosa, falls apart a little at the end when he calls Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano “icons on our show,” and worse, says that “nobody has had two alliances go all the way to the end like Russell has.” (Um, what? There seem to be many examples of that, although they are women, so perhaps they don’t count.)

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