Survivor Redemption Island cast revealed as CBS (almost) finally confirms two returners

CBS has confirmed what we’ve known since last summer, that two former Survivor cast members will return for Survivor Redemption Island, but has decided to continue to drag out the announcement and reveal Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz’s identities later this week. There is news in the announcement: Rob and Russell will join tribes, not just duel for the first spot on Redemption Island.

The cast does not include Carrie Prejean nor Kimbo Slice, whose names were leaked intentionally as bad information to discredit previously accurate spoiler missyae, a scenario discussed in this hilarious Xtranormal video, which also may contain other spoilers, so beware.

During our awkward interview last week, Mark Burnett said “no” when I mentioned they were bringing back two former cast members. But today’s press release says “18 castaways will be divided into two Tribes of nine: the Ometepe Tribe and the Zapatera Tribe” and “two are former castaways who will be given another chance to compete for the million dollar prize and one last shot at redemption.” (For Rob Mariano, that “one last shot” is attempt number four for this game, and number six on a CBS reality series.)

As to the regular cast, it includes an Iraqi vet, a former NFL player, a Jud/Fabio clone, and even a Russell Hantz clone. It’s actually weird how much these people look like stand-ins for previous cast members, though nowhere near as charismatic or attractive as the people they resemble.

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