Mary Murphy had cancer surgery for tumor in her throat: “I can’t scream”

Returning So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy had surgery for a tumor in her throat in December, and at least right now, cannot scream, her signature method of expressing approval and appreciation.

Mary told me this at a Fox party for TV critics last night, where she also shared the news with others. She told me that she learns more at the end of January, and said, “I’m a little scared.” However, she said doctors discovered she had an “encapsulated tumor,” which she said means it’s less likely that the cancer spread.

She had a sore throat and eventually started losing her voice, and friends encouraged her to see a doctor, she told me. Now, she has no thyroid, and doctors are experimenting with medication to get her hormones in line.

After officially re-joining the show yesterday, Mary will be part of its three remaining auditions, which start Feb. 2.

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