San Francisco Giants will be followed for a Friday Night Lights-like Showtime reality series

Pay cable network Showtime has teamed with Major League Baseball’s production company to follow the San Francisco Giants, the 2010 World Series winners, for a new hour-long reality series that was compared to Friday Night Lights, which Showtime’s new president, David Nevins, produced. It does not yet have a name, but it will air during the second half of baseball season, with a special introduction airing on opening day.

The series is produced by Major League Baseball Productions, which is filming the team and its family members; coaches and staff; and team owners and managers for 10 months.

Showtime says it has “unprecedented team access,” although with MPB producing, it raises questions of the show’s objectivity.”I think they’re really interested in telling an honest story,” Nevins just told TV critics, responding to a question about how much control the team and Major League Baseball have. He also said it was “a long haul putting the show together.”

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