O-Town reuniting but without Ashley Parker Angel

The original Making the Band group, O-Town, which was named after Orlando, Fla., and formed on the very first network reality TV competition series back in 2000, may reunite. The group consisted of Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Dan Miller (who replaced Ikaika Kahoano), and Ashley Parker Angel, who will not return.

Late last night, Jacob Underwood wrote on Twitter that “the talks r continuing.” Last week, he teased, “Did someone say O-town reunion?!?” A Friday meeting, he wrote, “went very well.” He said they may tour in Europe.

Ashley wrote on Twitter, “To address some rumors – I won’t be participating in a reunion but with respect and love I wish my boys the best as they move forward!!” Ashley, of course, had wild success going solo with his own reality show and a solo album you can now buy for $3.77, though it did have a solid debut. He went on to Broadway and now tweets about naps and his Facebook fan page hasn’t been updated since 2008.

O-Town, you may recall, broke up in 2003 after releasing their second album, which didn’t quite capture the magic of the first and its homoerotic “Liquid Dreams” (seriously, watch that awesome video.)

While this news is exciting, it might be more my nostalgia for the early days of reality TV than the reality of an O-Town reunion.

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