Bravo will “never” do a gay Housewives, but may have show with “a group of gay guys”

Despite reports that Bravo had already cast a The Real Housewives spin-off featuring gay men, sort of like Logo’s obnoxious The A List but called From The Bottom To The Top, the network’s executives insist that is not true and will never happen, even though they are casting and developing shows with groups of gay men. In December, Access Hollywood named six cast members and insisted it was “a gay version of his ‘Real Housewives’ franchise,” even though earlier, Andy Cohen denied that they were developing a show with that name.

NBC Universal executive Lauren Zalanick, who oversees Bravo, told After Elton in an exclusive interview, “It’s made up, I’m telling you. There’s absolutely nothing in development and never has been. I will say we do have casting out there around a group of gay guys. In terms of Andy casting it, we have a team. We have a couple [of different shows]. I would say, really early days, we’re in development, but we’re also developing a ton of other things.”

Bravo president Frances Berwick told After Elton that such a show “would not be wildly outside of our milieu to do something that focused specifically on gay characters. But as to doing Real Gay Housewives, we’re not going there. Or something like The A-list, although I never saw a full episode, we wouldn’t do that.”

But she did say that “at any one time, including right now, we have over fifty shows in development, and many of them are focused on groups of people, and I will tell you that we have a couple that are focused on groups of same-sex people. But as to any similarity with any of our existing shows, or any show, including The A-List, there will be none.”

To summarize: Show with all gay cast members? Probably. Called Housewives or anything like it? No.

Bravo NOT Doing a ‘Gay’ Version of Their “Housewives” Franchise [After Elton]

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