Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski gets four years in prison, says, “I’m sick … I’m a mess”

Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski has been sentenced to four years in prison for drug trafficking and tax evasion. He faced up to 15 after pleading guilty last fall.

The AP reports that Adam’s lawyer “sought for a sentence of around 10 months, or time served,” and the judge “told Jasinski he had shown progress in seeking treatment for his drug addiction and his mental illness” and then gave him “four years in federal prison on drug trafficking and tax charges.”

U.S. District Court Judge William Young told Adam, “You were drug trafficking, and you were drug trafficking until they caught you. You got to a position where you thought that the rules didn’t apply to you.”

Adam told the court, “I’m sick. I won $500,000 and I blew it all. I apologize. I’m a mess…Give me a chance to get out and find out who I really am.” In December 2009 he went to drug rehab and the AP says Adam also “admitted to being treated for bipolar disorder and drug addiction.”

He was initially arrested in October 2009, when he was charged with using his $500,000 Big Brother prize to buy and distribute oxycodone.

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