Brad Womack’s second Bachelor season spoiled

The upcoming 15th season of The Bachelor has been spoiled by Steve Carbone, who wrote that after being cut from E!’s Bachelor special, he will “just continue to piss on their franchise by giving away spoilers.”

Steve summarizes the season in more than 4,500 words, all the way through the final rose ceremony, when Brad makes his final decision. He has details of things such as the producer-prompted slap from the first woman to exit the limo, which has been teased in the promo below, and on specific dates, including one that happened after Brad was re-introduced on Dancing with the Stars.

After apologizing for getting The Bachelorette 6’s ending wrong, Steve writes, “You may doubt all you want, and technically I won’t be vindicated until March 14th when it airs, but I’m not the least bit worried. I know this season I’m right. How do I know this? Because on Thanksgiving, Brad was in Palm Desert, California with [the woman he chooses] and her family celebrating Thanksgiving with them.”

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