Brad says Bachelor ends with “a really happy ending,” and he’s not talking about a massage

Brad Womack has spoiled the end of his second time on The Bachelor by revealing that he won’t do what he did the first time. Instead, he promises that he’s fallen in love. Last week, Reality Steve spoiled the whole season, so check that out if you want to know who Brad picks and skip the entire season.

“There is a really happy ending. I did find someone and I did fall in love. A true love story happened. And so for no other reason that’s a great reason to watch, because it worked,” Brad told Star Magazine, which notes that “[t]his is the first time a Bachelor contestant has confirmed he found love before the show aired.”

Why is this unprecedented conversation taking place now? ABC is trying hard to convince jilted fans that Brad won’t betray them this time; previously, they announced that he he was “a changed, revitalized man” and ready to find a relationship on TV that will last a few months.

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