Anticlimactic finale to a decent Apprentice season ends with Brandy’s win

Brandy Kuentzel became the seventh non-celebrity winner of The Apprentice after Donald Trump chose her over Clint Robertson, and will now work with Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and their brother. That happened after a relatively flat finale that featured both Kathy Griffin and Liza Minnelli.

This season was pretty great, from a confrontation about cheating to Trump’s attempt to out someone, the presence of the virus known as David to Masha threatening Donald Trump. But the finale was kind of flat; the tasks went off relatively smoothly, and there wasn’t a lot of drama, beyond Clint wandering onto the golf course during Brandy’s portion of the event, which annoyed some of the other candidates. The most entertainment came from Liza Minnelli and Kathy Griffin being on Donald Trump’s reality show, which was especially weird considering he has that odd combination of progressive and archaic attitudes when it comes to gay stuff.

Instead of the usual back-and-forth argument about who should win, the boardroom was relatively subdued. Trump simply said “Clint, you’re fired; Brandy, you’re hired” and then shooed them out of the boardroom: “Go ahead, go. Clint, good luck,” he said. It was an anticlimactic ending to a series that usually ends with a live, two-hour finale filmed months after the final task actually ends; not so for this low-rated season.

As best I could tell, Brandy won because nearly every other competitor thought she should win, and because Clint said “ya’ll” too much. Brandy also made a compelling argument that began with the biggest bunch of Trump ass-kissing you’ve ever heard, but Trump ate that up especially because she ended it with criticizing him by praising his kids. Brandy said she wanted to work with “the next generation” of Trumps, and that’s exactly what she’ll do.

NBC said in a press release that “Brandy will now be working closely with Don Jr, Ivanka [Trump] and Eric Trump on mergers, acquisitions and new projects at the Trump Organization. She will be based in New York at Trump Tower.”

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