Big Brother’s Brendon admits to cheating on Rachel via Skype affair, naked pic posted

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Big Brother 12‘s Brendon Villegas has admitted to cheating on Rachel Reilly after Brendon’s Skype affair was exposed by the other woman on Twitter, who posted imagines, including one that is apparently of Brendon’s penis. Brendon and Rachel’s relationship survived after their time in the house, but appears to be in trouble with Brendon admitting he “messed up.”

Friday, Molly Shephard, who identifies herself on Twitter as a “Model…and sometimes actor,” addressed Rachel and Brendon on Twitter and posted pictures including one of Brendon’s face and a photo of his erect penis as evidence of an affair between Molly and Brendon. Molly wrote that Brendon “told me they were broken up.. i was shocked when he went to NC with her. He said that would be IT. I was fooled.”

Molly has since suggested she had a “tryst” with James Rhine, another Big Brother star. If you’re looking to judge character, Molly Shephard previously wrote on Twitter, “now if only we could stop the blacks from spreading World Aids !!” Much of her Twitter timeline is full of rants and slurs directed toward various people, as she goes off on other Twitter users who challenge her story or evidence.

All this apparently started when yesterday, Rachel wrote that she was “Laying in bed with my future husband!!! Life its goooood,” and Molly replied, “then why’s your future boyfriend sending me naked pictures?” and then tweeted a photo of Brendon on Skype.

Rachel first defended Brendon with her catchphrase: “future husband sister… And id treasure these “pics” cause its the closest you’ll ever get to MY MAN!!! In Your dreams!” Later Rachel wrote that she was “greying [sic; probably ‘being’] played like a fool.” Molly also posted a DM conversation with Rachel.

About 30 minutes ago, Brendon admitted, “I disgraced rachel and I am sorry to all. I had a skype relationship w/ another. I have never slept w/ anyone else no matter what Crazy says” and added, “She is the girl I have always dreamed of having. Now I have messed it up and cannot undo it. My heart is broken and I did it.”

And just a few minutes ago, Brendon wrote, “Please don’t ever deface Rachel’s name because of what I did. I publicly embarrassed her and she is an amazing girl. I messed up big time.”

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