Real World’s Jamie cast in Hangover sequel

The Real World San Diego‘s Jamie Chung has been cast in the sequel of The Hangover, and is challenging The Real World London‘s Jacinda Barrett as the series most-successful alum turned actor. The news came as Boston’s Sean Duffy was being elected to Congress, so there is now a group of people for young MTV stars to look up to as models for how to live their post-show life, or at least they can look up a them once they get their faces out of the puddle of vomit and herpes.

In the film, Jamie will play Ed Helms’ character’s fiancee, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that she “is one of the few new people in a major role to join the production so far.” The paper also identifies her other recent work: Jamie “is one of the stars of Warners’ upcoming Zack Snyder fantasy, Sucker Punch. She recently wrapped a turn as the female lead in Premium Rush, Columbia’s thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.”

Jamie previously said that her time on the MTV show made it more challenging to get cast in other roles. And besides Jacinda and Jamie, there’s at least one other MTV star who acts regularly: Road Rules’ Dave, who’s done TV work.

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