Gay porn star cast on Real World Las Vegas

Update: Find out how the first episode revealed Dustin Zito’ gay porn past.

A cast member on The Real World‘s currently-filming season in Las Vegas is a gay porn star. Dustin Zito, a 24-year-old from Rayne, Louisiana, has performed as Spencer on Fratpad, a site that features straight men living together in a house, where they are often naked and sometimes have sex with each other.

Vevmo has pictures and first reported his connection to porn and casting, while Dudetube has R-rated screen caps of his work and notes that he “was a part of the FratPad from the very beginning and has been a presence in the house for the last four years. He also did an oral video with” another cast member who has gone on to more hard-core gay porn work. A report on Vevmo suggests that Dustin has hooked up with a female cast member on the MTV series, which would suggest he’s either bisexual or gay-for-pay.

Fratpad describes itself as “a cam house like no other” that features “naked college Fratmen and straight frat boys in sizzling hot chat and web cam shows,” so it’s basically like The Real World except with no women and lots of nudity and masturbation (WayBig has more NSFW pictures of Dustin’s work). So Dustin should do quite well on MTV, especially since he’s also very fond of hearing himself talk, as this collection of YouTube videos proves.

His casting is further evidence of the increasing overlap between reality TV and porn, although in this case, instead of doing reality TV and then porn–like The Real World’s Dunbar did–it’s now the other way around.

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