Biggest Loser shuts down after unionizing crew walks out; cast member not injured hiking

Crew members on The Biggest Loser have walked out in an effort to unionize, shutting down production on the show. Deadline reports that “representatives from IATSE, the union that represents most film and TV crew members, showed up on the set of The Biggest Loser [Monday] night and led the crew off the set. As a result, filming on the show was suspended.”

The site notes that “representatives from IATSE and Reveille, which produces the series with 3 Ball Prods., have been discussing a potential agreement” but previously, “producers were not aware of such attempts and were surprised by the labor action.”

In related news, last week TMZ reported that season 11 contestant “Amy Feitelberg was hiking on Backbone Trail in the Malibu area, when she fell off the trail during a workout for the show.” But that wasn’t true, so TMZ did what all ethical journalists do: deleted their story and pretended it never existed. (Google doesn’t forget.)

Three days later, the site posted a new story that said a woman staying at a show-themed camp was injured, and then the story celebrated the ignorance of TMZ’s never-identified staff, and also their inability to even use a search engine, writing, “But who knew there was a Biggest Loser camp?” Way to use your perpetually juvenile and weak writing to cover for your shoddy reporting and unethical behavior.

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