Donald Trump finally fires David after trying to out him

The Apprentice finally got rid of its “virus” David Johnson last night, but he was fired not for his crazy behavior–which has tamed in recent episodes–but for making poor choices as project manager, including choosing a shirt that didn’t fit a model.

The episode involved product placement for Trump’s clothing line at Macy’s, and David picked a model who he called “a good-looking man. Like I said, if I didn’t have all these kids, you know, might go gay.” Yeah, that’s how it works.

This came up in the boardroom, when Anand Vasudev expressed discomfort that his straight project manager thought a man was attractive. The horror! The homophobia! “It was very homoerotic, what I saw. It was very, very surprising to be honest. The moment he saw this one model, who’s the cover of our advertisement, David just had this ridiculous man-crush on this guy and was all goo-goo, ga ga over this guy, it was very odd,” he said.

That led to a classic awkward Trump exchange, where he simultaneously sound progressive and homophobic. Trump tried to get David to come out and shared his own surprising coming out story: “You never know, and who cares, right, David? I know guys who were married for 20 years, they left with a guy, I mean, they liked a guy, so you know–right David? Are you sure you don’t want to come out?”

He was sure. Meanwhile, the other team used themselves as models, and that prompted another awkward exchange. Trump asked Brandy, “Are you having an affair with Steuart?” She said, “No, sir,” and Trump asked, “Would you like to?” Brandy said, “No, I would not, sir. I like older men, sir.” Donald Jr. then proved he’s his dad’s son by saying, “You’re hired.”

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