CBS releases details about HD Amazing Race

The current season of The Amazing Race will be the last one filmed in standard definition, as its 18th season next spring will be the first to be filmed in high definition.

CBS confirmed that the spring season will be the first to make the switch in a press release today, saying only that “the Spring edition of the Emmy Award-winning series THE AMAZING RACE will be broadcast in HD.” An earlier report was unclear and made it sound like the first HD season might not be until next fall.

This also confirms that the show will air two seasons this year, as the series gets renewed season-by-season (compared to annually for Survivor. Most likely, it will film in November and December, as usual.

Alas, the press release quote from the show’s executive producer suggests few other changes are coming to the series, which is badly in need of a makeover. Most distressing is how he refers to the locations as mere “backdrops”: “We’re thrilled the audience watching us sprint around the globe each week will continue to witness the breathtaking landscapes that serve as our backdrops, only now in high definition,” Bertram van Munster said in the press release.

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