Amazing Race in HD: it’s finally going to high definition

The Amazing Race will soon be filmed in high definition. Host Phil Keoghan recently told me that even he didn’t know why the show wasn’t in HD yet, saying “it makes sense for the show to be in HD.” Now, the network finally agrees.

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler confirmed the switch when she told The Hollywood Reporter’s magazine, “Yes, yes, yes. We are doing Amazing Race in HD next year. I just announced it, there you go.”

There are no additional details, such as whether this will apply to season 18, which will presumably debut in early 2011 but be filmed late this year, or if “next year” means that the first HD season will be filmed next year, which means the show would debut in HD next fall. I hope it’s the former.

That CBS has finally decided to spend money on high definition–two years after Survivor made the switch–for its other major reality competition series will finally end the show’s increasingly ridiculous excuses for not being in HD. Whale Wars, Deadliest Catch, and Survivor can film in HD in their respective harsh environments, and now, so will The Amazing Race.

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