Amazing Race 18 will be an all-star season and is now filming; teams identified

Update: CBS confirmed this news after the season 17 finale; season 18 is called Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.

The spring edition of The Amazing Race, which is in production right now, will be an all-star edition, in addition to being the first season to be filmed in HD.

That’s according to sightings by the reliable race stalkers at Reality Fan Forum, who’ve compiled a list of spotted teams and even have photos of teams checking in and racing. All of the teams seem to be from seasons 12 and beyond, and that group is, as of right now:

  • Kynt and Vyxsin (12)
  • Ron and Christina (12)
  • Amanda and Kris (14)
  • Kisha and Jen (14)
  • Jaime and Cara (14)
  • Margie and Luke (14)
  • Mel and Mike (14)
  • Flight Time and Big Easy (15)
  • Zev and Justin (15)
  • Jet and Cord (16)
  • Gary and Mallory (17)

Teams apparently left from Los Angeles on Saturday and headed for Sydney, Australia, and sightings detail the tasks they’ve had to perform. The dud of a twist, the Express Pass, is apparently back. Yay.

They don’t seem that remarkable as a group, probably because they’ve all been on the show relatively recently–it’s very season 14-heavy, and that aired a year and a half ago, not enough time to make me miss them. That makes it difficult for me to get excited, especially because I’d rather the show focus on improving itself rather than just distracting us by bringing back all-star teams, which is cheaper, easier, and lazier.

Correction: Steve and Linda from season 14 were initially included in the list above; they are listed on Reality Fan Forum as alternates, not as an actively racing team. I regret the error.

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