Amazing Race’s Chad and Stephanie are married, pregnant

The Amazing Race 17‘s fifth-place team, Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith, got engaged on the race and are now three months pregnant with their first child. Meanwhile, Chad says “people are right” about their criticism of his frequently awful behavior.

They got married this weekend, coincidentally (or not), and Stephanie told TV Guide, “I just found out that I’m three months pregnant!” This season taped in June, which means the baby was conceived post-race and engagement, which we saw in an odd episode that suddenly wanted us to love them after the series basically made them into villains in prior episodes.

As to their apparently dysfunctional relationship, which seemed to improve slightly by the time they were eliminated, Chad told the magazine, “It’s funny. Stephanie and I are very strong-willed individuals. At the end of the day, we never go to bed angry. I learned a lot about myself. I know that there are some things I need to change — and people are right. But I love her with all my heart. She is my soul mate and we’re going to continue to work on it. No relationship’s perfect.”

That’s good to hear, although that he’s saying that there are things he still needs to change is slightly distressing, since they’ve known about these issues since June. But I don’t think we quite have a Jonathan and Victoria situation here.

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