Did Survivor promo spoil immunity challenge? Next real ep airs in two weeks, after clip show

The winner of the next Survivor Nicaragua immunity challenge was clearly identified in the preview for the show’s next episode, as that person was shown in an interview discussing voting while wearing the individual immunity necklace. Spoilers in previews are so frequent now that it’s almost not newsworthy–last week, a preview revealed the camp fire–but revealing the outcome of the episode’s most important competition is either sheer laziness, an audacious lack of concern for viewers, or, perhaps, it is simply a cleverly edited preview of the clip show episode.

The preview didn’t seem to reveal what happens in next week’s pre-Thanksgiving episode, because TV listings identify that as the awful but usual clip episode: “Highlights from the season and previously unaired footage are presented.” In the preview, Jeff Probst simply said, “next time on Survivor,” probably because CBS knows if they tease that episode, no one will watch.

Here’s the preview; watch for the second person to talk, who’s sitting on the ground, holding his or her knees, and discussing voting out NaOnka while wearing the individual immunity necklace:

Update: Perhaps the most logical answer is that this may just be previous footage edited together to make it seem new. The preview is labeled as episode 11, and the 11th episode would be next week’s clip show episode. Fabio did win individual immunity during the episode that NaOnka stole food, and everyone in this preview is reacting to some unspecified thing NaOnka has done. And that would explain why the editors included footage of him wearing an immunity necklace, something that’s hard to miss. Thus, this may just be a clever preview for the clip show, one that makes it appear to be a new episode even though it’s all old footage.

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