Marty celebrates his cockiness: “I wanted to have fun with it”

Survivor Nicaragua cast-off Marty Piombo not only admits he was cocky during his time on the show, but says that was a deliberate strategy to get attention and he doesn’t care that it got him voted out.

“Sure, I was cocky. I wanted to have fun with it. Could I have played a brand of game where I was the quiet, under-the-radar guy? That’s just not my personality, not my style. Could I have gotten further? Maybe. But I love the way I played, and I loved playing with the people that I played with. But I would’ve loved to have gone further with hardcore players like Brenda, Sash and Jill,” he told E! News’ Drusilla Moorhouse.

He also likes his hair: “I love it because it’s a distinguishing brand,” he said. As to someone he didn’t love, Jane, besides hating her farting, as he told Fancast, Marty told E! that it’s because she immediately played people for sympathy, saying her husband died and thus she needed the $1 million. “Sharing that deep personal information and using it in the game, I found distasteful,” Marty said, adding, “I have more personal tragedy and loss in my family than Chase and Jane combined–but I never, ever would’ve used that in the game…[It was] really really sad to see her become such a deeply hateful, resentful person,” he said.

Of course, it’s not at all distasteful to compare your loss and tragedy to other peoples’ loss and tragedy.

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