Cancer-free Ethan Zohn finishes the New York City marathon in 4:16

After being unable to run in the New York City marathon last year because he was being treated for cancer, Survivor Africa winner Ethan Zohn ran the 26.2 mile race Sunday and finished in 4:16:08, a pace of 9:48 per mile and an impressive time for anyone, never mind someone who one year ago was undergoing radiation and a stem cell transplant at a hospital he ran past yesterday. (Hilariously, before the race, he told the New York Daily News, “I don’t know whether I should flick it off or give it a big hug. Like, ‘Hey I hate you cancer, but I love you [Sloan] for saving my life,’ It’s a double-edged sword.”)

Ethan ran as part of a team formed to raise money for his charity Grassroot Soccer, and that group included several reality stars, including actors Scott Wolf and Donal Logue, and CBS reality stars Brennan Swain, Ian Rosenberger, and Chad Crittenden.

It also included Ethan’s friend and Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter, who told The Early Show last week, “We wanted to run together last year and everything happened with Ethan, and he sort of suckered me into continuing to run it,” he said. “And I swore at the finish line I would never do it again, and here I am doing it again mostly because of him. It is wonderful to have him back and I’m excited about it.”Both men are running for cancer programs.Sutter said, “Ethan inspired me to get involved with a young adult cancer program that from Vail, Colorado, where I live and this year for First Descents. Ethan is helping me out with that and we’re trying of get rid of this whole cancer thing.”

The two reality stars had a bet that they’d give money to the other’s charity if they lost, and Ryan beat Ethan, finishing in 3:20:39.

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