Skating with the Stars trips, slices itself open with its skate, and bleeds to death

ABC’s attempt to turn the popularity of Dancing with the Stars into a spin-off series has failed: Skating with the Stars lost a huge number of its sibling show’s viewers, and kept losing about half its viewers throughout its premiere.

The two-hour premiere was watched by 11.1 million people, although as The Hollywood Reporter says, “it actually didn’t. Because the time period contained roughly 13 minutes of overrun from the surging Dancing finale (23.3 million, 4.7), which was up at least 18% from last week and surely more once the overrun is added in,” that means the skating series actually had far fewer than 11.1 million viewers.

Most damningly is that gap from its lead in: more than 12 million people fled when it came on, and TV By the Numbers notes that “it declined in each half hour.” In its last hour, just 6.91 million were watching, and that’s the average, so it was probably even less by the end.

As NPR’s Linda Holmes observed, “Gee, Skating With The Stars flopped? How could they have known? IF ONLY THERE HAD BEEN AN EXACT REPLICA FIVE YEARS AGO THAT FLOPPED.” But even that crapfest of a show, Fox’s Skating with Celebrities, started strong with 18 million viewers, losing about half that over its run.

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