Reality Rocks voting ends today; 70,000 votes have been cast so far

Voting ends at midnight for the Reality Rocks awards, and after a month of voting, 70,000 votes have been cast, organizers told me today. So far, shows with the most votes cover a wide range of subjects and quality levels, and fans have been able to obsessively vote for the same show throughout the month.

People can vote for any show that aired between September 2009 and this September; the top 75 will be announced in January, 50 of which will be the shows with the most votes, and 24 of which will be those with the most votes from “loyal” fans who vote repeatedly, although only one vote per show per day is allowed. Registration is required to vote.

In January, there will be more voting for category-specific awards, in what organizers call “the first ever fan-voted reality, factual and lifestyle television awards.” (There are several categories that include reality shows and stars in the People’s Choice awards, which are also currently accepting viewer votes.)

Winners will be announced in April at the event, which aims to be Comic-Con for reality TV, except with a lamer name.

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