Jennifer Aniston’s MTV reality show not real, unsurprisingly

A report that Jennifer Aniston will be the star of an MTV docu-soap series is not true, even though it makes perfect sense that an A-list star would sign on to expose her private life on MTV (please!).

Fox News reported last month that “MTV programming president Tony DiSanto and senior VP Liz Gateley are leaving the network to form their own production company, and insiders tell they have their sights set on upgrading from D-List to A-list,” specifically Jennifer Aniston. An anonymous “insider” told Fox News that “[w]hen I saw that Jennifer Aniston showed up at the premiere for ‘Hard Times of RJ Berger’ in Los Angeles last summer, I was like, ‘OK–something’s up.’ It was very smart for Tony to align himself in that way.”

But Tony says nothing’s up. Showbiz Spy picked up the story a month later, and Gossip Cop followed up on that report, and their report was widely disseminated because the media and crappy gossip blogs thrive on picking up month-old anonymously sourced stories and oversimplifying them and repeating them without bothering to tell readers where the information came from.

Anyway, DiSanto told Gossip Cop, “While I’m a huge fan of hers, it is news to me that we are working together,” but says he would be “happy to meet [her], though.”

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